Hello and welcome to my website

Here you will be able to view a wonderful selection of my projects and have a read through some of my blog posts where I will talk about a variety of topics including software development, recent technological advancements and also some of my own life stories (because people want to know about that).

I hope that you enjoy your time here!


Here is a list of my projects, basically my portfolio.


TapZ is a small online zombie incremental which intends to be feature rich and replayable time after time

Stepmania Server

A Stepmania Game Server written in C#

Recent Posts

The Future of TapZ

TapZ Incremental has been a project of mine for over 4 years now at this point and has been one of my most favourite ones. However, it hasn't been without its…

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Unreal Engine 5: A Leap in Quality

Hey there, although I wouldn’t call myself an avid gamer, I would say I’m a technology nerd and I just can’t help myself when I find out that Epic Games have…

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CSS Selectors: An Introduction

If you’ve ever used CSS, you should already know about selectors but in case you’ve forgotten, you need a refresher or you have no idea what I’m talking about…

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Hey there reader. Like any other blog, it all has to start from somewhere and in this case, this blog is going to start from the cringey depths of this post. I…

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