The plan for this project is to have a fully functioning stepmania server with an intergrated web client which can display live games and statistics to all players and all songs played.

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The Stepmania Server Web Client is part of the stepmania server project and will be built using the ReactJS framework.

This server is designed to be connected to by Stepmania and aims to be compatible with all official builds of stepmania.

Compatible Stepmania Versions: StepMania 5.0.12, StepMania 5.1-beta

Unfortunatly the Alpha builds of SM5.3 are not compatible yet but when I can get my hands on the updated protocol documentation, the server will try to update to this.

Furthermore, older versions of stepmania and forks of stepmania may or may not work, they are untested.

The storage options will be initially either SQLite or MySQL but I aim to make this server as configurable as possible so more can be added if need be in the future.


If an installer or a pre-built binary hasn't been distributed, see Building below.

To run stepmania server, all you need installed is the Dotnet Core Runtime 3.1+.

Note: if you have previously installed the Dotnet Core SDK, the Dotnet Core Runtime is included with the installation so there is no need to install it again.


My main development PC runs Windows so I will primarily focus on that but Dotnet Core supports Linux and MacOS as well so if you have the technical knowhow, you should be able to build on those platforms too as nothing in the server depends on any platform specific API's.



To build on windows simply open a command line and type:

git clone
cd Stepmania-Server

NOTE: This currently builds x64, I will expand this to build a x86 version at a later date.


Coming soon


Coming soon (but will be unable to test this as I do not own any MacOs devices)