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Hey there reader. Like any other blog, it all has to start from somewhere and in this case, this blog is going to start from the cringey depths of this post.

I shall start this post by politely welcoming you to what could possibly be one of the worlds greatest blog. By that, I mean either that I'm going to become the worlds best blogger or this is going to flop more than this guy:

Well anyhoo, If this is going to be a thing, I think that I'm going to have to introduce myself.

Early Life

Hi, my name is William Neild (however I prefer to be called Will) and I guess my story begins back in August 2003 when I was born. Oh, how the times where simpler back then, sitting in a pram all day long, thinking about things that toddlers think about. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind how my life is planning out right now but ask me if I could go back to when I was younger, that's a straight yes.

I am not an only child. I have an older brother called Chris. However Chris at a young age got diagnosed with severe and profound learning difficulties, which sounds complicated but in Chris' case, means that he has little ability in communicating, needs support with daily tasks and will likely need life-long support. Simply put, Chris is autistic.

Growing up with Chris has been challenging however if given the chance of going back and being able to be a single child, I don't think I would take that chance as although times have been tough, Chris is my brother and I will always be there for him just like he will always be there for me.


Now on to some early education. I absolutely loved primary school, there were no two ways about it. Being able to make so many friends and basically mess around doing very little work all day was a common outcome back then. Some notable things that happened to me back then include: Fracturing my left wrist, Playing in the school football team and being the Chief Distributor of Minecraft on netbooks which we were given for years 5 and 6. And yes, Minecraft has stuck with me throughout the years but I'm sure that I'll end up writing some more posts on that subject at some point.

Remember to insert some vuagely relevent education photos

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After the 6 blissful years at primary school came the dreaded 5 years of Secondary School. Okay, I may be exaggerating this slightly but I can tell you one thing for sure, I am glad that I'm no longer there. However, that's not to say that I didn't enjoy some of it.

Around about the time of starting Secondary School is the time when I started delving into the world of technology and since that moment, I never stopped. Skipping through the irrelevant years of 7, 8 and 9; Year 10 was interesting as it's when we confirmed the subjects that we were going to sit our actual GCSEs in. I chose to study Business, Computer Science, French and Design Technology alongside the compulsory Maths, English (Language and Literature) and Science (Chemistry, Physics and Biology).

Furthermore, it was the near the end of Year 10 when me and a friend called Nathan (my fellow Computer Science nerd) ended up kickstarting an afterschool computer club for the younger years, which the backing of our Computer Science (and Business) teacher. Those days were so fun, being able to plan lessons and poking fun at your teacher because you know more than them about their own subject!

Then Year 11 happened. Pretty much all fun dropped. It was time to work and get those grades that we wanted. Okay, so maybe I'm portraying Year 11 as being pretty dark, dull and dreadful. And I'm right, it was, but it was fun nevertheless. It was in this year that I ended up making friends with most of the people I go to college with today so that's a bonus. Oh yeah, I also somehow ended up choosing to study Further Maths at GCSE too. That was fun.

Whoa, it's another stock photo with someone studying!

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So the exams came and went, and I got my results back and I couldn't be any happier with the results I received:

BiologyGrade 6
BusinessGrade 6
ChemistryGrade 8
Computer ScienceGrade 9
Design and TechnologyGrade 6
English LanguageGrade 5
English LiteratureGrade 7
FrenchGrade 5
MathsGrade 9
Further MathsGrade A
PhysicsGrade 8

And it was those grades which allowed me to get into the college that I wanted to and where I am today.


College is where I am currently studying my A Levels, preparing for my future which is why I'm stuck at home, writing a long blog post about my life. Yeah, so apparently when moving up from secondary school, I didn't exactly plan for a worldwide pandemic to hit and for me to teach myself the final quarter of 3 seperate A Level specifications. But that's where we are today.

Starting college was probably the scariest thing in my life because I had basically been thrown in at the deep end. Before college I was so awkward with talking to people that I didn't know and didn't like being the centre of attention. So basically I was your stereotypical introvert.

Starting college also meant that instead of being able to walk arround 10-15 minutes to school, I now had to wait for and get on a 40 minute bus. Before college, the idea of me just jumping on a bus and going somewhere would have seemed horrific for me as before this, I had never been on a bus alone and the times that I had been on a bus, someone else had talked to the bus driver.

However, after this first hurdle of actually getting to college had been passed, I felt like I had just fitted in as I soon realised that most people would be having the same stresses as me, meeting new people etc.

As for the A Levels that I chose, Here they are:

Computer Science

Now don't get me wrong, these subjects are tough, but with the fact that my timetable has been reduced from 11 subjects to 3, the levels of stress have certainly decreased.

However, the academics of college are not my current favourite part, that spot has been taken by a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Yes, as the subtitle above this says, I joined the rowing team as part of my college's enrichment programme.

Damn, these stock photos are awsome

Photo by Matteo Vistocco on Unsplash

And why, did I do this? Im still not fully sure my reasoning behind it but I can tell you one things for sure, I do not regret it one bit. Well, 6 hours a week of training may say otherwise.

So why write a blog?

So now that you now know who I am, some of you may be questioning why I want to write a blog?

The honest answer is just because I can. I wanted to make a website at some point to practice my web development and design skills and for somewhere to put my portfolio of development projects so alongside all of that, a blog was the next logical step.

This blog will probably be where I write mainly about development and maybe some interesting events / stories about my life that I want to share.

If you've read this far thank you for your attention, if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask below in the comments.

Thanks and enjoy the rest of your day!